Serving Extraordinary Desserts at Your Wedding

Wedding events are full of sweet small things, from the dress of the bride down to the very last slice of cake being served at the reception area. A wedding without sweets will not be complete, so you are obliged to serve even just a single entree.

wedding cupcakeIf you will be skipping your cake, you need to think of the best alternative. It should be good in many elements and aspects. If you are planning to be different when it comes to serving sweets, here are some of the unique wedding desserts from The Cupcakerie that you can serve:

Cupcakes: They are fun to eat as they are smaller and easy to pass around. If you have picky eaters at your reception, cupcakes will never disappoint. They are served in many different flavors, so you are not stuck with only one. You can do so many things with your cupcakes like mixing them with different flavors and colors.

Cupcakes are not only delectable as they are also good as decors. Cupcake couture artists would usually design cupcakes in tiers. Thus, cupcakes can become wedding cakes as well.

Ice cream: Gourmet type of ice cream will surely make everyone in your reception salivate. It is well loved by kids, and at the same time by the adults. It is like going back to how it used to be during childhood.

Ice cream’s dense and creamy texture will make everyone in awe and beg for more. It is ordered in sets, so you can mix flavors in the cone. Just make sure that the location has good cooling system so the wedding desserts will not easily melt.

Dessert shots: Talking about easy type of food to consume in a wedding, dessert shots is one of them. Shots are placed in a small glass; like real cakes, they are also delectable and could be availed in different flavors like strawberry, cheesecake, mousse and many more.

You can serve reception guests with 4 different flavors. These treats are so elegant and presentable, so you will have nothing to worry about.

Mini desserts: There are always good things in small packages, which is really true for the case of mini dessert. During the last course of the wedding reception, you can serve bite size desserts in the form of meringue, shots cookies, macarons, cheesecake and many more. Serving variety of mini desserts is much better, of course. Serve them in small platters and pass around!

Dessert bar setup: A little bit of everything in your wedding? Why not! Dessert bar will have everything that people with sweet tooth need. You can load the table with bite size choco-covered fruits, cannolis, brownies, macarons, cheesecakes, cupcakes and so on.

You can also research for more desserts to be added on your bar. Talk to the provider ahead of time if you want extremely high quality variety desserts.

Unique wedding desserts from The Cupcakerie will surely surprise your guests in a good way. No one can deny the fact that these desserts are not only presentable but also delectable. You can do more with your simple desserts by sitting down and planning with your baker ahead of time.